Rainbow Painted Valentines

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My kids love any excuse to paint and I think watercolors might be my favorite. They are simple, pretty easy to clean up, and make such unique designs as the colors merge & blur. I owe the idea of creating these beautiful rainbow painted valentines to my son. He did a great job creating them from start to finish. Here’s how to create your own to share or use for decor …

Rainbow Painted Valentines



Step 1 Start by drawing hearts on your watercolor paper. They can be any size you like. My son chose to draw 2 long hearts on his paper, but you could just as easily do one giant one or 8 small ones.

Rainbow Painted Valentines: Painting

Step 2 Paint one color at a time in horizontal lines across the hearts. Continue until the hearts are fully painted.

Rainbow Painted Valentines: Painting

Step 3 Set aside the paper to dry.

Step 4 Once the paint has fully dried, use the scissors to cut out the hearts. They are now ready to enjoy.

Rainbow Painted Valentines: Complete

Frame one or hang several on a ribbon for easy Valentine’s Day decor. Glue them to the front of plain cards to send to grandparents and/or friends.


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