Shark Week: Egg Carton Shark Craft

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It’s shark week so, naturally, we needed a shark related craft.

Shark Week: Egg Carton Shark

My son & I dug through our stash of craft supplies and pulled together items to make a simple shark. Here’s how to create your own:


  • Paper egg carton (or, in our case, leftover egg carton from another project)
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes (optional – could use paint and/or markers to draw on)
  • Gray acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate(s) – perfect for use as a paint pallet, workspace, and to cut out fins & teeth

Shark Week: Egg Carton Shark Supplies


Step 1 Have an adult cut out single portions from the egg carton. Each shark requires 2 portions.

Shark Week: Egg Carton Shark

Step 2 Paint the egg carton portions gray.

Shark Week: Egg Carton Shark - paint

Step 3 Once the paint has dried. Glue the two pieces together at open ends and set aside to dry.
(For speedier assembly, use a hot glue gun and/or glue dots instead of liquid multi-purpose glue.)

 Shark Week: Egg Carton Shark - glue body

Step 4 Sketch out fin, tail, and teeth onto the paper plate – include a little extra paper on the fin and tail to create small tabs to fold for gluing onto the shark body. Cut out.

 Shark Week: Egg Carton Shark - Teeth

Step 5 Glue on tail, fin, teeth and googly eyes.

 Shark Week: Egg Carton Shark - Tail

Step 6 Enjoy your creation!

Shark Week: Egg Carton Shark

We had fun playing with our shark and our Sands Alive sand kit. The combination made for a fun sensory box and indoor “beach” experience. Perfect for a hot, humid summer day stuck in the city and dreaming of the beach. 🙂

If you make an egg carton shark, be sure to share a link in the comments! We’d love to see.
Do you have any special Shark Week crafts or activities planned?

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