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DIY Scooter Stand Closeup

Simple DIY Scooter Stand

April 22, 2020 Sarah Coggins
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Our daughter recently began showing interest in learning how to ride a 2 wheel scooter. Her brother has been a great sport sharing his and trying to teach her, but it quickly became evident we needed to buy her her own. In part so they could both ride at the same time and because she needed one better suited for her size. However, this also added another item to our garage. Not even a week into owning the new scooter, I realized we needed a scooter stand to hold and store these neatly. No more tossing them onto the floor.

Simple DIY Scooter Stand

I found several DIY scooter stand ideas online. Some of the designs held bikes and helmets as well which is a great idea. However, we didn’t need anything that large so I focused simply on building something to hold our scooters. After a quick measurement of them (his is a tad larger) and rough fitting, we realized there was a super simple way to make a stand to fit our needs using items we already own.

Rough Layout for Scooter Stand

Follow along with our tutorial to create your own scooter stand. Note this design fits 2 scooters. If you have more, you’ll want to increase the length of the 1×6 pieces underneath. We spaced the 2x4s with 3″ in between to hold the scooters. This placement fit both Razor scooters we own (Razor A4 and Razor A). If you have larger scooters or a different brand, measure the underside first and adjust your 2×4 placement accordingly. The goal is for the flange to sit on the boards and underside tuck in between.


  • 6 foot long 2×4 wood stud
  • 1×6 board
  • Measuring tape
  • Speed square (optional)
  • Drill
  • 1-3/4″ wood screws


Step 1 Cut (3) 18″ long pieces from your 2×4.

Step 2 Measure and mark down 1-1/2″ from each end of the 2x4s laid flat (ie, you are marking on the wide side).

Use a Speed Square to Mark Your Measurement

Step 3 Cut (2) 16″ long pieces from the 1×6 board.

Step 4 Align one piece of the plywood to the marks on the 2x4s. Drill holes and use wood screws to attach. We used 2 screws per 2×4 placed at the diagonal from each other.

Attach Base Boards to Scooter Stand

Step 5 Repeat for the opposite side 2×4.

Step 6 Center the final 2×4 and screw into place.

Step 7 Attach the second 1×6 at the opposite end using the 1-1/2″ marks from Step 2 to align it.

DIY Scooter Stand: Underside View

Step 8 Flip over scooter stand and it’s ready to use! Just set it wherever you want to store your scooters.

DIY Scooter Stand in Garage

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