Simple Entry Updates

Our house is a constant work in progress as we work to update it and give it a little character. One good example of this is our entry which has been slowly changing since those early days. The entry updates we’ve done have been for function more than anything, but also to bring a little character to an otherwise bland space.

Simple Entry Updates for Organization & Character

Coat Racks

The addition of both coat racks has been a huge plus. The small freestanding rack was a hand me down has been in my husband’s family for 3 generations now. It’s a unique piece that definitely adds a bit of character to the space while allowing both kids to easily hang up their own coats. This is a huge plus to me – teaching them a bit of responsibility – and they are easy to grab when needed as we head out the door.

The fixed coat rack I originally intended for guests to use during cooler months. Our coat closet is closer to the kitchen than the front door. We needed a spot that was more convenient and where friends & family wouldn’t forget their coat while leaving. It’s been perfect for this, but also gets regular use by us for coats, hats, and even D’s backpack on school days. We’re still tucking that last one out of sight into our smaller coat closet on weekends and during track out.

Basket for the Kids’ Shoes

Our kids have accumulated a lot of shoes. Especially my daughter which has me both amazed and mystified at how this is possible when she’s not even 2 yet. Not to mention I maybe own a dozen pairs. Pretty certain she has already surpassed that.

Foyer: Kids' Shoe Basket

In the past, the space under our hall bench was sufficient for the pair each needed for daily use. Any extras I could easily stash in our hall closet out of sight. But over the summer with both kids switching regularly between sneaker and their sandals, we needed something that was more easily accessible and could contain several pairs for each. Enter a simple, decorative basket.

Foyer: Kids' Shoe Basket

It took several visits to Home Goods before I finally spotted one the perfect size to hold their shoes plus tuck into the corner by the sidelight without blocking our vent. The addition of this basket has been the perfect solution allowing them to find (and put away) their own shoes easily.

Decorative Vent

Once the basket was in place, I started noticing the floor vent beside it even more. We had replaced all of the vent covers on the first floor when we bought our house 4 years ago. Every single one was dingy or dented or rusted. It just made sense to fully replace. Since we were spending a lot of money already on moving plus other necessary projects (like fixing our toilets – obvious priority), I went cheap and bought basic style vents. That’s fine for most areas in our house, but I wanted something with a little more style right by our front door. Enter this beauty:

Foyer: Decorative Vent Cover / Floor Register

It’s simple, but stylish and wasn’t too expensive. Especially since I purchased only one. It’s one of those little extra details that I love and am glad I finally checked off my wish list.

How have you added a bit of organization & character to your entry?

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