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Minecraft Birthday Party: Green & Pink Creeper Goodie Bags

Simple Minecraft Birthday Party

August 18, 2016 Sarah Coggins
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Time flies in so many ways. Even in the simple fact that it’s taken me a month to get around to sharing about my son’s Minecraft Birthday Party.

Simple Minecraft Birthday Party

We had a morning party at a nearby indoor bounce place. Perfect for a hot July morning. The kids all still worked up a sweat! And, because the party wasn’t at our home, it made everything much, much simpler & easier for me. No decorations needed. No clean up. Just lots of fun. So much so that I barely took any photos! A first. Regardless, here’s a look at the celebration …

Birthday Shirt

I had planned to make a shirt for our son to wear. One of my birthday traditions. I was thinking simple Creeper face. He was thinking something more elaborate featuring Steve. The week before the party I came across a t-shirt in Target that was perfect (and on sale – double win) so IĀ purchased it instead. He wore it proudly to school on his actual birthday, to his party a couple of days later, and has many, many times since. It’s definitely a favorite.

Minecraft Birthday Party: Bounce Fun

Party Food

After our bounce time ended, we headed to one of the party rooms to celebrate. I did “splurge” on fun green containers from the dollar store and made cute little name cards for each of the foods. The individually wrapped cheese andĀ apple slices made for quick & easy distribution to the kids. I tried to find snack size pretzel bags for the same reason, but no luck. The staff at our party location were great in helping quickly give a few of the pretzel sticks to each of the kids that wanted some.

Minecraft Birthday Party: Food

In lieu of our typical cupcakes, I decided to try something different – with the birthday boy’s approval, of course. We swung by the donut store closest to our house and he helped me pick a mix of glazed, chocolate iced, and chocolate iced with sprinkles plus a few donut holes. I quickly stacked them into a pyramid-ish (is that a word?) shape and added the ‘7’ candle.

Minecraft Birthday Party: Donut Cake

It was an easy hit with all the kids. Everyone found a favorite donut somewhere in the mix.

Goodie Bags

As all of our friends said good-bye, they each took a Creeper goodie bag with them. I did a mix of green bags for the boys and pink bags for the girls simply for fun. All of the bags contained the same items: a “diamond” (Ring Pop), a mini Rubik’s cube, a Minecraft sticker I created, and a pearler bead necklace made by my son.

Minecraft Birthday Party: Green & Pink Creeper Goodie Bags

All in all it was a fun morning and we had one very happy, very sweaty, very tired birthday boy. Success.


  • Laura August 18, 2016 at 11:08 pm
    So fun!! We had a minecraft party for my step son last fall before it was super popular. Love your ideas!!
    • Sarah Coggins August 19, 2016 at 12:16 pm
      Minecraft is huge with kids these days! I was amazed by all the ideas & possibilities online. We had fun. And it was a nice change from the pirate themed parties he wanted the previous two years. ;)
  • minecraft gratuit August 30, 2016 at 12:39 pm
    Good idea for my kids, thx
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