Simple Party Dessert: Cake and Fresh Berries

Last year I offered to bring a dessert to two different holiday parties. I had a lot going on between juggling a new job, getting the kids to/from school/daycare, everyday family life, etc. Normally I would bake something but there just weren’t enough hours in the day. So I didn’t. I opted for a super simple party dessert idea instead …

Simple Party Dessert: Pudding Cake and Fresh Berries

Confession: I bought a pudding cake at the grocery store. Sliced it up. Arranged the slices on a “fancy” tray from the dollar store (no big loss if it was forgotten). Then garnished it with fresh berries and wrapped in plastic wrap for easy transport.

Simple Party Dessert: Pudding Cake and Fresh Berries

For the Christmas Eve party, I used a circular platter and filled the center with whole strawberries.

For New Year’s Eve, knowing there were a lot of small children, I cut up the strawberries and added blueberries as well. The end result equalled a perfect party coordinated dessert as our friends throw¬†a “British New Year’s Eve” Bash so we can toast at midnight GMT (i.e., 7pm Eastern).

Do you have a favorite dessert to share during the holidays?

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