Soccer Bag Essentials

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Last fall while driving past a nearby soccer field, my son spoke up from the backseat asking to go play. He had participated in a weekly soccer program while in preschool, but I had put off signing him up for a team sport. I hesitated for a number of reasons including fear of him not liking it and then having to drag him out each week. Now, here we were and, he was asking to participate. I couldn’t say no to that.

Soccer Bag Essentials including free printable

As soon as signup opened up a couple months ago for the fall season, I put in our request to have him join a team. He couldn’t be happier. He was so enthused before the season started, he read almost the entire Everything Kids’ Soccer Book while trying on his shin guards and cleats over & over again.

When we walked onto the field together that first morning, I think I had more of the first day jitters than he did! He’s been great. Working hard at drills. Listening to his coaches and working his best to improve. I’ve been eagerly taking him to each practice and game. Watching from the edge of my seat. Applauding his teams’ successes. And taking lots and lots of photos.

Soccer game: offense

I’ve also been bringing all the things. Literally.

The folding chair for myself. Water bottles for us both. A book to practice just in case (though I’ve been so engrossed in it all I have yet to crack my book open during these times). My camera and zoom lens on game day. Plus sunscreen, bug spray, tissues, etc, etc. Like I said, all the things.

Soccer Bag Essentials

What I forget too often? A snack for myself! This is especially important on practice nights when I’m feeding the kids early to get us out the door on time. A couple of weeks ago that meant I didn’t have dinner until after they were in bed. Not a good thing. I need to take the time to pause and focus on my own wellbeing including my mind and body.

During my next trip to Kroger, I picked up a couple of boxes of Kellogg’s® Special K® Bars. I wanted something nourishing that tasted good and was easy to grab & toss into my bag on our way out the door.

Special K Bars at Kroger #NourishWhatsNext #ad

Find Special K® Bars under the “Granola Bars” sign at Kroger, 7905 Falls Of Neuse Rd, Raleigh

Now I was left with one problem: how to remember to pack my snack along with all of our other weekly essentials? I fixed that by doing what I know works best for me – making a list.

Soccer Bag Essentials Printable List

Step 1 Start by downloading my free printable and printing it onto 4×6 photo paper or a blank index card.

Soccer List Printable

Step 2 Trim the corners off using a corner rounder punch.

Soccer List Printable: Punch Corners

Step 3 Laminate the card and trim off excess.

Step 4 Finally, punch a hole in the top and attach to your bag using a carabiner. This way your list is handy week after week and doesn’t get lost.

Soccer Bag Essentials

Now that all of the essentials are covered (including that important snack for mom!) – what else do you pack in your bag each week?

Be sure to enter for your chance to win either a $250 or $500 Kroger giftcard! Perfect for stocking up on all the nourishing foods your family needs to keep in the game this fall including Kellogg’s® Special K® Bars for mom.

#NourishWhatsNext Special K at Kroger

9 comments on “Soccer Bag Essentials

  1. Great idea! I can't wait to try this! I might add 1. Ziploc baggies for lost teeth (not necessarily due to injury, but the age) and precious finds. 2. A small umbrella or poncho. They may enjoy playing in the rain, but it's miserable when sitting on the sidelines. 3. Which brings up the matter of drying and removing mud... I keep a bag of beach towels in the trunk. Thanks so much!
    • Great ideas! Our games are usually cancelled/rescheduled if rain is an issue due to concerns of damaging the school fields we use so I didn't think about ponchos. And, yes, bags for those teeth for sure! We had one member loose a tooth on the way to practice a couple week ago. He kept visiting the sideline to rinse his mouth with ice water his mom brought.
  2. FIRST AID KIT including one of those snap and shake ice packs. Bumps, bruises, scrapes, sprains, etc happen. (all too often in my kids early lives)<---because of this I had one of the MOST complete first aid kits in amedium sized red lunch bag in the back of my van all the time. If you have an "accident waiting to happen" child you might include a large and a smaqll elastic bandage. (great for holding splints but not tight!!!), eye pads and wash, curlex, baby wipes or other wipes. There's more you can add but these are a few things I included in my bag.
    • Yes! Good points! I ended up tossing a full First Aid Kit into our bag that I got from our health insurance company years ago. I just added a few newer items to refill it where needed. One of the kids on our team needed a bandaid for a minor cut on a thumb (not game related - but she did loose her original bandaid during the game from sweat) during last week's game and my kit came in handy.
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