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Toilet Paper Tubes

40+ Fun Toilet Paper Tube Crafts

March 16, 2020 Sarah Coggins

Toilet paper began flying off the shelves as the news of coronavirus and closures arrived. There are aisles in stores once devoted to this product that are now completely empty. Seeing as so many of us are stuck home with kids to entertain and, hopefully plenty of TP, the empty tubes are useful for helping to keep the kids occupied. So don’t toss them. Instead, have fun fun making one or more of these toilet paper tube crafts.

Toilet Paper Tube Crafts

Here are over 40 ways to make use of all those extra toilet paper tubes:


Easter is just a few weeks away! Create an adorable little chick and a bunny friend too.

Think spring and make butterflies and flowers. (If you happen to have an egg carton too, consider making a caterpillar to go with the butterfly.)

How about adorable owls? These might be one of my favorites.

Maybe this dragon could help defend a Lego or block castle during imaginative play.

Create ocean friends as you daydream of fun summer vacations ahead – sharks, crab, and even a friendly octopus.

Prefer daydreams of cooler climates? Make your own penguin.

Have a lot toilet paper roll tubes to play with? Paint and link them to form a snake.

Design your own zoo with an alligator, monkey, lion family, and an elephant.

Fun to make and wear, this parrot is sure to be a hit with the kids.

Make your own friendly dinosaur.


Blast off with a fun DIY rocket!

Make an astronaut and an alien or two and let imaginations soar.


Begin preparing for gardening season and use toilet paper tubes to make seedling starters.

Make a set of binoculars then head out into the backyard to watch for birds. How many can you spot?

Pretend to go camping and make ‘toasted marshmallows’ over a toilet paper tube campfire.


Build a robot family and a monster family too.

What little girl wouldn’t like to make her own unicorn? My own is totally into these and narwhals right now.

Create your own clown and design your own circus. What fun show would your clown put on?

If you have several tubes (about 11 or more), build a marble run!

Think of the trees. Re-read a classic book or watch the movie, and craft your own Lorax.

Have a race with your DIY race cars.


Here’s a fun twist – use toilet paper rolls to make a fun canvas artwork to decorate your home.

Keep your desk organized with a cat pencil holder made from toilet paper tube rolls.

Toilet Paper Tube Cactus Craft


These spooky ghosts are easy to make and would be fun for decorating for Halloween.

This wizard reminds us of Merlin – a favorite past Halloween costume of my son’s.

Place a few treats inside these adorable pumpkin boxes to gift to friends.


Take time to remember all the things you are thankful for this year with simple turkey.


Sing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” while crafting a few of your own reindeer.

Don’t forget Santa’s helpers – the elves!

Use a few rolls to make a Christmas Tree. Then have fun decorating it. You could add paint, sequins, pom poms, and more.

Have a little fun with your own Grinch. Perfect to pair with the movie for a fun filled day.

While you can’t eat these, gingerbread men would make fun decorations.

And don’t forget the man in red – Santa Claus!

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