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Topsy-Turvy Bunny & Lamb toy: Pink Bunny

Topsy-Turvy Bunny and Lamb Knitted Toy

April 10, 2017 Sarah Coggins
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My mom brought an early Easter gift for my daughter during her last visit – an adorable Topsy-Turvy Bunny and Lamb toy she knitted.

Topsy-Turvy Bunny and Lamb toy: Pink Bunny

She found the pattern in the book Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys: Magical Two-in-One Reversible Projects. It looks like a cute pink bunny holding a carrot, but when you flip it upside down …

Topsy-Turvy Bunny and Lamb toy: flipping inside out

Topsy-Turvy Bunny and Lamb toy: flipping inside out

You find a little lamb hiding inside!

Topsy-Turvy Bunny and Lamb toy: Gray Lamb

My daughter loves turning it back and forth between the two toys. She’s been learning new songs in daycare including “Mary had a Little Lamb.” She sings it as she flips the toy from the bunny to the lamb. I can’t help but sing along as I watch. I have a feeling this special gift is going to be very well loved.

Do your kids have a favorite Easter gift?

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