5 Walls of Disney Perfect for Instagram Photos

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Walt Disney World is full of beautiful buildings and backdrops. A few particularly great walls have taken center stage in recent years thanks to social media. I couldn’t resist searching out a few of these famous walls of Disney during our recent visit and grabbing a photo or two.

The Purple Wall

I’ve probably walked past the Purple Wall in the Magic Kingdom every visit and never once thought to stop and take a photo. ¬†Until last month. I sought it out on purpose and, really, with the new geometric design separating the lighter and darker purple sections – you can’t miss it. My family kindly paused while I took my obligatory selfie before we could move on.

Magic Kingdom: Purple Wall Feb 2019

Credits: Tiny Problems template by Rachel Jefferies; Project Mouse Pins, Boardwalk elements, Fantasy artsy, Beginnings elements, and No 2 elements by Britt-ish Designs and Sahlin Studio.

Sometimes you’ll find a Photopass photographer here. We spotted one taking Purple Wall photos as we passed by on the way to our Fireworks Dessert Party reservations at the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant.

Tangled Wall

This beautiful purple and yellow wall is more of a “girls only” Disney wall. It’s located at the entrance to the women’s Tangled restrooms.

Magic Kingdom: Tangled Wall

A little fun – there is also a Hidden Mickey on this wall and a hidden Pascal. Can you spot them?

You Are Most Beautiful

Tucked in a hidden corner of the Harambe Market in Animal Kingdom is the “You Are Most Beautiful” mural. It’s simple statement and design have taken new life thanks to social media. It sits right at a Cast Member access point and, thankfully, they are great sports about it. I apologized to one Cast Member trying to pass by cleaning up from the tables and he just smiled and encouraged us to keep snapping photos. They’ve become used to the attention this spot now gets.

Animal Kingdom: You are Most Beautiful Wall

Children of the World

This was one of my personal favorite walls in Disney. Find it in Animal Kingdom. I love the texture, the bold yellow and the positive, simple statement. It’s a good reminder. No matter our differences, we are all children of the same world. Let’s show each other a little grace, kindness, and love.

Animal Kingdom: Children of the World

Incredible Celebration

Looking for a spot to show off your incredible powers? This bold, fun mural is located in Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios. I snapped a quick photo as we passed by. Looking back, I regret not encouraging my kids to pose for a photo. With the right angle, you could position a child with an arm in the air “holding up” the car. How fun would that be?

Hollywood Studios: An Incredible Celebration Wall

After grabbing a selfie or two, head a few feet further down to the Photopass spot next to this. If there is a photographer, get a photo and you might find yourself posing with Jack Jack.

Hollywood Studios: Incredibles Wall with Jack Jack

Do you have a favorite wall or other fun photo spot at Disney? 

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