13 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: First Pickle

  1. Dylan kept trying to steal the pickles off our plates during lunch on Monday. I finally gave in and handed him mine figuring one bite and he'd toss it. Nope. He kept putting it back into his mouth! He finally gave up about a third of the way through. It certainly made for a good chuckle for the rest of us.
  2. Love it! Owen did the same thing with his first pickle. And it happened with a lemon too! He loves to suck on lemons!

    Thanks for stopping by my WW post. Yes, that is O in the first picture. It was a purely accidental shot. He was being uncooperative and I just decided to keep shooting and see what I got!
  3. My boys loved dill pickles and apparently they're good a natural teething remedy as well! Let him chew on that the next time his teeth are bothering him! Cute pic!
  4. Aww! The look on his face is great! I love pickles too. My little sister used to suck on lemons when she was small...but she grew out of it :) The thought still makes me cringe!
  5. This is the cutest post ever! Your little man is growing up. don't you absolutely love being able to feed him real food. I love letting the litte man try new things too. Very cute post!

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