Week in a Nutshell

This week has been incredibly busy. Far from creatively productive (struggling there), but full in so many other ways …

I’ve been packing more boxes. Still many, many more to go with only 6 weeks until closing.

We’ve looked at 8 more houses since Saturday and finally found 1 we are interested in. 🙂

The inspection of our current house took place on Tuesday. Thankful for a good friend letting Dylan & I hang out at her house while that was going on. Still waiting on the full report.

Dylan & I met friends at Oval Drive Park in Durham (our first visit – the pirate ‘ship’ is awesome!) and hosted our weekly playgroup get together.

I thought about blogging on Wednesday. I took a nap instead. 🙂 The right choice.

I’ve worked 4 nights at my part time job since Saturday. Starting tomorrow I’ll be working the closing shift for 4 nights straight.

My dad visited on Monday and watched Dylan while I attended a funeral for a friend’s grandmother. She will definitely be missed and is probably having a blast in Heaven. Grateful to have known her. How many grandmothers take their granddaughter and friend to FL on spring break? Yes, there’s a story there and it takes a unique individual to do that! 🙂

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