Imaginative Play with eeBoo

It’s no secret that we love crafting. I’ve been sharing arts & craft projects of my own from the very start of this site and, after becoming a mom, numerous kid friendly projects too. So, when eeBoo offered us a chance to play with some of their toys & craft supplies? Yes, please!

Imaginative Play with eeBoo

I requested a couple of items and we received those plus much more. If you follow me on Instagram, you might recall I described opening the box like going through Mary Poppins’s bag. It was amazing. eeBoo kindly sent us a sketch book, colored pencils, oil pastels, pipe cleaners, pom poms, popsicle sticks, specialty papers, scissors, large sheets of felt, etc – pretty much everything a little artist could dream of.

eeBoo craft supplies

My son has been nonstop crafting and creating as fast as his imagination will take him. He’s made several drawings in his new sketch book using the colored pencils, and experimented with the oil pastels. He drew a “scary face”, cut it out and added a pipe cleaner to make a mask. He tried the directions on the back of the pipe cleaners to make a frog (with a little assistant) and a bug, then came up with his own bee made from blue pipe cleaners. He tried origami using the Play Papers and made his own bow tie.

Imaginative Creations with eeBoo Craft Supplies

My daughter was spoiled too. eeBoo sent her the Read-to-Me Tot Tower. It really is the simple things at this age. At first we could barely stack the full tower before she would run over and knock it down – giggling hysterically. She still finds it funny, but is quickly learning how to stack the blocks on her own and enjoying looking at the illustrations on each.

She’s also had fun playing with a few of the craft supplies. Keeping a watchful eye on her (because pom poms aren’t for eating), I let her play with one package of the pom poms. She loved feeling the different textures and looking at the colors. They were also perfect for a little eye hand coordination play. I simply gave her an old parmesan cheese container and showed her how to stick the pom poms into the larger opening in the lid. She was fascinated and worked to put all 36 pom poms in before shaking them out to start all over.

eeBoo Pom Poms: Eye & Hand Coordination

We even made good use of some of the tissue paper the eeBoo products were packaged in for a little craft & texture play. I taught her how to tear it and stick to clear contact paper. Admittedly, she had the most fun just tearing the paper and balling it up (not so much sticking it), but she had fun and that was the point.

eeBoo package Toddler Tissue Paper Play

We have all had so much fun (and continue to!) using the products eeBoo sent us. I’ve been very impressed. Everything is so high quality and both of my kids are using the items daily. If you are looking to inspire your child’s imagination or stock up on crafting supplies for the summer – definitely check out eeBoo’s products. You won’t be disappointed.

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Disclosure: Items included in this post were complimentary for review purposes. The opinions expressed are are strictly my own.

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